Wedding Thank You Note : Etiquette You Must Have

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Wedding Thank You Note

 Etiquette You Must Have

Wedding Thank You Note : Etiquette You Must Have By Dr. BhanuPriya Khatri

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After your wedding, sending “Thank you note” come under etiquette. This will help you to maintain good relationships. Show your thanks in a very special way. Prepare the Thank you note very delicately because it reflects your personality and feelings.

Guiding principle for writing Thank you notes:

wedding thank you note
wedding thank you note


1. Send Thank you note within Two months: Try to send your note within specified
time duration. If you become late for any valid reason, apologise for your mistake
specifying the reason.

2. Part of wedding planning process: Order the thank you cards before wedding. Make
it as a part of wedding planning process. Print some common lines for all and then, it
will be easier for you to write some personal lines on it after wedding. If you don’t
have so much time, then add personal lines to only few selected people and send
same Invitation card to all.

3. Photograph of the bride and groom: Attractive photograph of the couple will really
look eye catching on “Thank you card.”

4. Invitation time: Record addresses and mail ids
You have definitely prepared the list of all the addresses and mail ids for invitation purpose. Keep that record; this will help you to send Thank you cards.

5. Proper record of gifts: Note the record of the gifts as soon as you have unwrapped
them. This will makes you clear idea about the writing the importance of the gifts in
thank you note.

6. Don’t forget to express thanks for gifts received:
This is really a way to express your appreciation towards gifts received. Mention the use of
gift received. This will make your guests feel pleased and joyful.

wedding thank you note

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7. Gift but not attended: There may be guests who were not able to come to attend
you wedding but sent you gifts as a token of love. Don’t forget to write the thank you
note for their gifts and wishes.

8. Mention the contribution: Be thankful for the contribution of your guests in any
way. Some guests are really very supportive, they might have contributed you in
wedding rituals, food management, decoration, entertain other guests by creating
fun or make you enjoyed by their dance performance. Mention it that you have not
forgot their contribution in your wedding.

9. E-cards:
Try to be eco-friendly by sending them thank you note by emails.

10. Ensure everyone gets: Be sure that every guest must get the Thank you note.
Whether you like them or not, whether you like their gifts or not, whether you know
them or not, These things doesn’t matter. Express your gratitude to every guest.

11. Include Personalized thank you cards in wedding planning process:
You can print common two-three lines for all for their blessings, wishes and time.
Then, pen up some personal lines for few special guests. Personalization of thank
you note is really very required because each and every guest is different in terms of
your relation and age. They have also given different gifts to you.

12. Don’t be over: Don’t be over for expressing gratitude towards their wedding
attending and gifts. This can be perceived as you are insulting them.

13. Suppliers, vendors, wedding planners, hotel management etc:
If you really want to express thanks, you find so many people behind you who have
made your grand wedding very memorable. They are suppliers, vendors, hotel staff,
friends etc. Express thanks to each and everybody.

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