TEST the OPINION before you share!

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TEST the OPINION before you share!

Here you are, excited  to offer  your friends, and followers  your Opinion to ‘Ban’, ‘Boycott’ or ‘Support’ some issue(relevant, irrelevant) , It’s just a matter of pressing the thick thumb on SHARE or RT. But wait, have you done Litmus test of the opinion before advising others to follow?
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A Litmus test for your Opinion:

1. Test the ‘nature’ of your opinion.

 Are you really giving YOUR opinion or just endorsing somebody else’s?
Objective vs Endorsing Opinion
Objective Opinion: not influenced by personal feelings, interpretations, somebody else statement or prejudice; evaluated on facts; unbiased
Endorsing opinion: Getting the half-baked information, as per biasness chose to support it or against it by clicking share or RT, without knowing the facts.
Through sharing a link on any topic or event, we are giving our view either in endorsement or in opposition, effortlessness, this can be done. The digital trail has made it possible for everyone to have a stand on particular issue.  But has it not resulted in a loss of objective opinion because majority of them are adhering to a self-reinforcing pattern.
Therefore, Test the type of your Opinion (Objective or False Endorsing), do you really know and believe the truth behind it or you are made to believe it!

2.  Test the Scale of Intensity:

Likert Scale :A scale used to represent people’s opinion/attitudes to a topic
1.    The Usual/Normal but  almost VANISHED  Likert Scale for opinion
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
2.                  Distorted/Abnormal  POPULAR Likert Scale

   Killing  Disagree
   Fiercely Disagree
    Strongly Disagree
   Strongly    Agree
    uncompromising Agree
   Diehard Agree

Observation about views and opinion people share on social media:
1. Everyone has an opinion about everything under the sky, above the sky.
2. Not Just Opinion, Its strong conviction, beliefs in favor or against.
3. ‘Neutral’ or ‘Not decided’, ‘don’t know’  have been completely vanished, may be its embarrassing for people to be neutral when information is flooded in their hands through technology.
It’s too convenient now to give opinion on various topics, statements, events.
 Before the advent of social media, we usually did not have information, and if we had a little bit of it, still chose to be silent. Few raised their voice though sharing with friends or raising note to the editor or writing columns.
Image result for angry emoticonsNow, being judgmental is stylist; it’s a fashionable to express STRONGfeelings towards everything or NOTHING!
So before sharing, Test the Scale of Intensity of your opinion, Are you really that much aggravated which you are going to express through your ‘SHARE’?


3.  Test what type of Opinion maker are you?

Social Media gives everyone a voice but we should not have illusions that all voices are equal. To understand this, it’s imperative to know types of users/opinion maker and giver.

Type of Opinion Makers/Givers
1.     Extremists:  they are extremely sophisticated, intelligent and articulate.  You may disagree with their views and what they stand for, but can’t escape to admire for their intellectual horsepower. The tactic adopted is to destroy the opposing belief, philosophy, party, issue through facts or circumvention and false generalizations. They are very few in numbers but they dominate and distort thought process of  rest of all.
2.      Blind Followers: They argue and focus on fault finding or undermining the opposing view without ever establishing their own view, position.
Both Extremists and Blind Followers made attempts to falsify, distort and misrepresent the truth for the purpose of inserting their own misleading hidden agenda.
3.     Rationals:  They are open minded and argue to establish  the truth. There is no duplicity or deception. They are willing to accept the opposing point of view, if they are convinced that other’s interpretation is more correct. They are the rare species left among opinion makers.
Image result for stupids brains4.      Thick Brains: Dumb, stupid, uncouth, unintelligible and rabid. They behave arrogantly to everybody who doesn’t confirm to their thoughts. And the worst part is, they usually import their thoughts/ideas from others ,considering them as truth, they cite example of “majority”. Unfortunately 90% of opinion makers come in this category.
Where do you find yourself, being an extremists, blind follower, Rational or thick brain?

Sharing is good, but what you share on social media can have rampant consequences.
So, Here you are, about to press the thumb, wait…wait.…wait..pause….In simper words:
Test Your Opinion, Is it yours?
Test the intensity, is it actual?
Test Who You are, the rational or dumb opinion maker?

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