Stray Cows In Indian Traffic System-A Satire by Cow of Smart City


Stray Cows In Indian Traffic System

A Satire by Cow of Smart City

By Dr.Preeti Panwar Solanki


Stray cows In Indian Traffic System

Diary of a COW Page No. 1

A Satire by Cow of Smart City

Stray Cows In Indian Traffic System

Shocked to hear from me, usually I don’t utter a word (Say it Attitude problem, yes me the cow has the highest attitude problem)!
I don’t give a damn to anyone, to you, your ‘Flaunting Ego’ Car and Masculine Bike’s honks! You’d think that honking horns and blasting engine brakes would scare me, but I just sit there, unfazed and without so much as a flinch. I am neither impressed nor scared of the traffic. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I am cool and Calm at busiest road!
Here I am!
Image result for cow in the middle of the road
image source Stray cows In Indian Traffic System
You can Impress your girl with your  Karizma ZMR,, but CAN’T impress a Cow, A biggest loser!
I relish at middle (exactly statistical middle point) of the road, chewing is my style!
Indian Traffic Control and Stray Animals A Satire by Cow of Smart City
 image source Stray cows In Indian Traffic System

Yes I am the Cow of Your City that Brown Lady with Immense Pride!

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Cow and the Pen, Why? (Such a distant relationship)
Why am I writing a page in diary?
That too when you people make fun of us like ‘kala akshar bhens barabar’ and ‘bhens ke aage been bajana’ and whtt not….
Bhens the Buffalo, yes, we belong to same category with some similarities and differences. Why don’t you human tag us as animals from different religion?You love to paint religion at every irrelevant difference! (Religion YOU created to look different from animals and You use it now as  a valid moral excuse to behave like animal, The Dichotomy!) #Religion 
But we are TOLERANT ,tolerant up to an extent that I need not to justify being secular and My fellow friend buffalo never has to prove that its not communal!
This is how we have the world of Animals. And still you say ‘ why fighting like animals’ Misconception ?
So why did I take the Pen?
#Smart city and for that you are going to implement #Smart Intelligent  Traffic Management system?
How do I know?
You people eat samosa on Newspaper and then throw it here and there (Smart people,really?), every bite of it is the information which I chew. No, its never my food, the news paper, plastic bags,garbage. Its not the healthy diet but you feed it to me #SmartPeople
Stray Animals In Indian Traffic System
cow eating newspaper
Let me appreciate you have a good traffic management plan, coming up with Advance driver assistance system,
Advance safety control systems, Air pollution control devices, Autonomous vehicle, Barges, Battery
manufacturing, Battery technology, Biofules ,Bus surveillance, Charging stations, City traffic surveillance, Electric
vehicles, Emission monitoring systems,Hybrid Vehicles, Hydrogen fuel cells, Intelligent traffic lighting system,
LPG / LNG,Metros, Navigation devices, Urban transport systems, Vehicle tracking system and
whhhaat Not?? But you going to make a blunder!
Yes, because you ignored the geography, chemistry,Psychology of Indian roads.
India is a country where ‘one size fit for all’ is the biggest mistake.
Customization drived! Even Mcdonld has to make Alutikki for Indians.
Image result for mcdonald aloo tikki
·      Do you know who rules the Indian roads?
·         Do You know the unwritten but prominent rules of Indian traffic?
Here is a quick glance:
1.       All vehicles will be driven in accordance with the maximum speed, to slow is to weaken, to brake is to fail, to stop is defeat. This is the Indian drivers’ mantra. 
2.    Priority traffic is the traffic entering from left,  So is traffic from the right and also traffic in the middle, Traffic at Indian road, at all times and irrespective of direction of travel will grab the center of the road.
3.        Overtaking is mandatory, every vehicle will have to overtake every other vehicle, irrespective of whether it has just overtaken you. No more than two and half inches should be allowed between your vehicle and the one you are passing.
4.       Reversing: no longer applicable since it’s a matter of pride as no one will be ready to reverse his vehicle.
5.        If you want to pass anything, honk your horn loudest. Everyone else will start honking too. If you don’t
      have a horn, shout. He who is loudest gets the right-of-way. ( Darwin’s theory of Survival of Fittest)
6.        And Most Important:
Like Indian society,Indian Traffic system is structured on a strict caste system. In descending order, give way to:
heavy trucks,
official cars,
light trucks,
private cars,
pedal rickshaws,
bicycles (goods-carrying),
bicycles (passenger-carrying),
Road Repairing Crew
And I top the list,although this scene might look strange to an Italian, but you are my fellow country mate.
Till now you just knew that Cows are sacred in India, meaning that they can pretty much get away with anything –
and they do!   But are you aware of my political powers? !
I have sacred and political importance in your country. Its never the power of common man in india. Yes that’s
absolute rubbish, if you justify that common man has made Modi win greatly, common man  can changes the
face of  govt in India, its rubbish justification.
Power of common man was true then , but now it’s the  strategist like and Image Building team

who make the Modi win, who make Modi lose. Yes these Strategists  can occupy your mind and distort

beliefs and you never know it! ( Forecast: Be ready to see Rahul as PM in 2019, and your love for him will only do it, believe it!)

But Power of common Cow is Unquestionable?
Thik hai, jus have a glance at s Majuultoon creation which will shut your mouth!

Power of the ‘common cow’ in India?

Now, Do you need further explanations.

Still Can you argue that you do not have any ‘On Road  VIP Sitting Arrangement Provision’ for me and my fellow colleagues, Buffalo, Elephants, Chickens,Dogs, Pigs, Donkeys…

Dare to say it again?

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