ShilpGram Mela : A Spray Of Colors

ShilpGram Mela : A Spray Of Colors

An Art-Craft-Cultural Festival Of  Rajasthan

Shilpgram isn’t just a fair,  for the lack of better word, we should  call Shilpgram an experience. Its like an addictive event, you go there once and you would want to experience the place over and over again even , every year.

At a single platform its an experience of  the rich Indian traditions, cuisine, art, craft and lifestyle.

Shilpgram fest organised by The West Zone Cultural Center (WZCC) in Udaipur is  one of the largest crafts and art festivals in the country which surely keeps you mesmerized. A  10 days fest where hundreds of dancers, performers, artists and trades people from all across India come here  to present their talents, attributes and skills.

Though Its not possible to describe the complete ‘feel’, still trying to share moments from a day visit to this colorful gram.


The Flowers

How about  being welcomed with pretty red, orange,blue, colorful flowers ,overflowing with beauty, you just feel obsessed with them, and can’t resist to buy, it is a fav pick to buy .



No One Leaves Shlipgram without buying these bunch of Beautiful Flowers.




The Wooden Furniture

And if you are fond of ethnic antique wooden furniture , jharokhas and other home furnishing items, you can’t take your eyes away from those royal pieces of designs.

Even this little kid is absorbing the beauty of wooden art, taking a obvious break from his enchanting play of flute , better known as pumpadi( a favorite flute toy of children specially in fairs)Even this little kid is absorbing the beauty of wooden art, taking a obvious break from his enchanting play of flute , better known as pumpadi( a favorite flute toy of children specially in fairs)

dsc06428 dsc06427


The Music

If the trouble of your life is that there is no  music, the solution for this is Shilpgram where not only the beautiful and mesmerizing sound of folk dances  follows you but you get to play with musical instrument sculptures, though too heavy to pick,  but just touching it may give you a feel of being in ‘Music’ or in ‘love’ !

dsc06390 dsc06388  dsc06361 dsc06360


Shilpgram is a myriad of colors and a paradise for shoppers.

The Shopping

Udaipur is celebrated for the amazing handicrafts that have made Rajasthan unique and at Shilpgram you would find  something enchanting and unique to offer to everyone. Items range from precious stones jewelry, bright colourful textiles, meenakari items, gemstone paintings, oxidized silver & copper items, Pichwai & miniature paintings, sculptures, what not is there to loosen your wallet.

For home décor this place is a paradise, you can choose from the fine marble floorings, paintings in semi-precious stones, antique wooden furniture, jharokhas, lovely statues, waterfalls, and vibrant coloured furnishings. The handicrafts items, antique utensils  are  the ethnic charm and fine pieces of exquisite workmanship.

This is what I bought , a parrot in cage,(Not Bird Friendly though 🙂
The NoteBandi
But Demonetization effect was clearly visible this year on shilpgram stalls. Small traders who usually do not get time to breath for 10 days, were sitting idle waiting visitors to buy, but No Cash, No  Sale!
dsc06406 dsc06398
The Photographer
Shilpgram completely rocks for anyone with a camera – professionals, amateurs, wanna photographers as well as non-photographers. Its tough to go wrong with the pictures, even if that is the intent! Click people, sculptures , camels, shops, Horses, sadhus and so on…and trust me, everything will come out beautifully 🙂
Little girls giving their best pose.
At Times , your camera is confused , what to capture , the deep expressions of the woman or  her beautiful Nath(NoseRing)
dsc06353 dsc06351
 The Super Hero
 And He is the Local Super Hero of Shilpgram Mela, with whom every girls wants a click!
 The Camels and Horses

Camels and Horses at the Shilpgram fair are decorated with great passion. They wear jewellery of silver and coloured beads. There are silver bells and bangles around their ankles that jangle when they walk.

Shilpgram where there is a tough competition between camel’s designer colorful wrap-ups and their owner’s beautiful yellow,red,orange turbans!

dsc06347 dsc06346 dsc06345 dsc06341 dsc06340 dsc06332

The CCTV and Police
CCTV cameras are installed on various parts of Shilpgram compound to keep vigil on peoples activities and control any law and order situation. Also, a temporary police chowki has been installed at Shilpgram and a police control room inside the compound will also add more safety and security.
However PoliceMan also cant resist himself  from the hot steamed taste of Bhuttas (Sweetcorn) 🙂
Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” Yes, this is what you feel when go through the unique and original Paintings , sculptures at Shilpgram.
Every creation has a hidden story to tell & it’s unique of its kind.
dsc06429 dsc06414 dsc06392 dsc06386
The Swachh Bharat
And then you would be amazed to see the sculptures giving social message , Education For All, Swatchh Bharat and Yoga, surely an appreciable effort.
dsc06409 dsc06408 dsc06407
Noticeable is not only Swachh Bharat Sculpture, but the message in action also! Yes, You wold see volunteers engaged in cleaning the beautiful place all the time. A small positive Change towards a cleaner city and clean India.
dsc06401 dsc06400
 The Food Stalls
Food Stalls, the delight  is enough to give an orgasm to your taste buds Though little oily and a little spicy but you will still eat more  than usual do.

Leaving Shilpgram  without tasting the till ka halwa, Makki ki papdi, makki ki raab,  sugar candy, chana garam and bhelpuri other than usual fast food stalls will be an incomplete trip.


dsc06423 dsc06399
 The Hot makki ki Raab , all time favorite for everyone, an infant, little boy, their mother and of course me 🙂
dsc06374 dsc06373 dsc06372
Makki Ki Paapdi, A wow Rajasthani Snacks , but a little costly or very expensive at Shilpgram (2 pieces in 20 Rs.)
And Till ka Halwa, a rare dessert, you wont find easily at other places.
And If you are a ‘Paan Lover’ , then you can not miss these very delecious ‘Meetha Paan’. Can you ignore their colorful jacket and red-golden turban, No!
dsc06364 dsc06363
 The Selfie Lovers
For Selfie lovers,  Shilpgram is a Paradise.You can click 1 million selfie there!
 The Fun and Frolic
And alltogether 3-4 children at one Jhula (swing) , do they care? No Shilpgram for children is all about Fun and Frolic.
dsc06344 dsc06343 dsc06342
The Rajasthani Thali
For hungry souls, you have “Shilpgram Dhaba”. The Jodhpuri Thali,Daal-Baati Thali, Mix Thalis are fantastic. Freshly cooked, aromatic and tasty. A Rajasthani cuisine in a Thali that would serve you not only Daal, Baati, Choorma but also an array of filling and tasty dishes like Gatte ki Sabzi, Kadhi, Puri or Chapattis, makki, baazra and missi roti along a sweet, salad and lahsun ki chutny.
Yes you can enjoy here  mouth-watering scrumptious dishes  with colorful, traditional ambiance!
dsc06333 img_20161228_151138beautyplus_20161229063111_save
The garlic chutny and kadi!
  dsc06327 dsc06324
The Paytm
But this Dhaba does not accept Paytm, so go with enough cash!
 After spending a good time, while leaving..
If you want to get a piece of Fun and tradition, Colors and Music then visit the Shilpgram Mela every year in December and  be a part of the rich and colorful tradition of Rajasthan in all its b, Once the festivities begin, then you will be left spellbound by the sheer energy and vivaciousness of this festival.
Truely  ShilpGram Mela  ,An Art-Craft-Cultural Festival Of  Rajasthan is a Spray of Colors!

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