Refuse to be Ordinary! Dare to be Different-She is Insane SushmitaDas

Refuse to be Ordinary! Dare to be Different..


“Why fit in when you are born to stand out” – One life, live it large, spread love & happiness and break the tradition. Being a girl is no excuse for living a life less lived. It is an edge to be more compassionate and strong in whatever you do.



I am Sushmita Das, a born charmer (that’s what my loved ones say J ), 30 years young Business Strategy professional in a leading UK bank who dreams with her eyes wide open. Positive attitude is my DNA and working hard to achieve my goals is my nature. An MBA in Finance & Marketing pursued after marriage, achieved more laurels and broke the myth of restricted life after tying the nuptial knot.

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” – When I came across this quote from Helen Keller, I imbibed the message behind it and till today it has helped me a lot in trying different things without worrying about the obstacles and the tough path ahead.


For an Indian woman to decide not to have her own kids is not easy. Society will suddenly turn you into curious case of Benjamin ButtonJ. I remain undeterred and it is couple’s personal choice and no pressure should make them compromise on their willing decision. Tough to do, but a strong mind and will power is seldom defeated.

Since my childhood I have been active in extra- curricular activities and have won many prizes and certificates in sports (Badminton my all time favorite), painting, and creative writing. I am an avid reader and love to read self-motivational books. I wanted to be a Fashion Designer but happened to be an engineer by destiny 🙂 .

My creative cells are quite high and I have written many short poems & stories which got published in newspapers at my hometown and earned token of appreciation and gifts. I still remember my mom used to tell me about my winning moment at Camel All India Drawing Competition when I was just in Nursery (Too young for me to register the moment :). So may be something that made me believe I can.

Married (in the 7 heaven year of my marriage) to my childhood best friend, I feel like God’s favorite child who bestowed me with so many loving and caring people around.

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Spoilt are those raised by their grandparents’ sounds like a myth in my case. Pampered to the core but never forgotten the fundamental values I got throughout my upbringing. Born and brought up in the city of Patliputra, better known as Patna, nothing stopped me from dreaming big. I had best of schooling and did my engineering from Coorg (Karnataka) – The Scotland of India.

I got my first job in Accenture at the age of 22 and experienced a different phase of life just out of college. I wasn’t too sure I wanted to work in a 9 to 5 set up and forget about my interest in dancing, modeling and do many other things I had my heart attached to. I didn’t let my hectic work schedule kill my passion and grabbed every opportunity I got on my way. I was part of event organizing team and alongwith that participated in every activity.

I have a firm belief in Karma and as you sow so you reap. I do a lot of charity work and am associated with SNEH foundation in Pune who works for the welfare of marginalized families and children. Since I was a kid, I have tried to give to society and the joy in return is incomparable.


Not everyone understands that feeling and the path is not easy but when you are convinced about your deeds, you are unstoppable.

I have been quite an extrovert child still no one imagined I would be able to pursue my dreams by going out of the way and applying for Mrs India national pageant.


Priorities in life never end but one should not stop dreaming and should pursue it. Just a day before my pageant, my father had an attack but they still gave me strength to complete what I was heading for and in that state of mind, I yet managed to secure the title of Mrs India Queen of Substance – Trendsetter 2016. Doesn’t that justify the power one has to fight all odds.


Recently I have been shortlisted in Top 100 list of Rising Woman Leaders across India in different domains. I can’t be more proud as I know I have worked hard to be where I am today. There’s no shortcut to success and I have this engraved in my mind.

I had survived my birth from infection post delivery and truly believe God has sent me on Mother Earth with a purpose. If I can, anybody can! Self Belief and determination is the way up there. Woman you are unstoppable, be unapologetic for all the right things you do, be unapologetic for being You!

Break the rules and deny to be ordinary..Dare to be Different..




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