Ramayana Feminist Perspective

Ramayana Feminist Perspective
Ramayana Feminist Perspective

Ramayana Feminist Perspective

Ramayana Feminist Perspective : From The Eyes Of Woman Of Today

By Jyoti Ranawat

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Over 3000 years ago, The Hindu epic Ramayan was written by Sanskrit
poet Valmiki. As we all know, Ramayan is about Prince Ram who was
exiled into forests for 14 years with whom his wife “Sita” and brother
Lakshman followed. “Sita” was abducted by demon king “Ravana” who took
sita to his kingdom called Lanka, Ram came to rescue his wife then
broke a war between Ram and Ravana and finally Sita was rescued by her
mighty husband.

Ramayana through the eyes of Woman
Ramayana Feminist Perspective

That era can be called as the period of “Patriarchy” where we had
mighty Kings, The Man, The power etc. it is because of this reason we
still celebrate “RAM Navmi”, and woman was considered as just another
gender. We never ever celebrated any “Sita jayanti” or “Radha utsav”

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Let’s talk about Ramayana from a woman’s point of view
Starting from the very first verse “The Ayodhya kand”- A mighty king
named “Dashratha” had three wives and strangely they all lived
happily. His second wife named “Kaikeyi” was much darling to him among
three of them who had the governing power, she planned certain
conspiracy and Ram was exiled to forest.

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Ramayana Feminist Perspective

Sita was residing in forests with her Husband and Brother in law until Ravana took her away.

Ravana, was already a married man and his wife
Mandodri” the queen seemed to be far more intelligent than her husband. She
kept warning him time and again to return Ram’s wife but
egotistical king never followed his wife’s advice instead asked her to
shut up and that poor woman had no option but to live with that.

Divorces were not meant then and a Man could have multiple wives.
You see “I am a king and I can afford multiple wives!!” Resultant,
“Ravana was killed in war” and Mandodri had to live her life in misery.

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Ramayana Feminist Perspective

Ram after winning his wife back asked her to perform “Agni Pariksha”
so as to prove her purity. I mean seriously, A Man  can Fuck ‘n’
number of women but when it comes to her she have had been asked to
prove her purity since then. This is the reason she was rescued or

Royal Wedding : A Picture Tale From Bagore Ki Haveli By Preeti Panwar Solanki

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Ramayana Feminist Perspective

It’s not an end to her miseries; the mighty king Ram got influenced by
a washer man in town and Sita was again exiled to forest with a
baby in her womb where she lived all by herself at sage Guru Valmiki’s place. She gave birth to a prince called “Love” and later it multiplied into two named as “Love
and Kush”.

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Finally  King Ram realized his mistake and
came to take Sita along. But she did not go along with her husband
instead she buried herself into earth.
“screw you man!! I’ve had enough from you”!!


It has been since then time and again women have been treated as
another gender.
It’s about that middle class society where women still seek permission to step out from house and got no say in any decision of the family. She is still judged by her clothes and her talks determine her character.

Diary Of Veeravati -The KarwaChauth Lady

We proudly call ourselves empowered women but I am not sure who we call is empowered, is it a 3 year old girl raped by any random bus driver or it’s journalist Gauri Lankesh, who was
shot dead, or it’s “Nirbhaya” or she is any random woman who is abused
or sexually assaulted now and then. 34,600 rape cases have been
reported in year 2016. It’s just the no. of rape cases that have been
reported, unreported cases and cases of murder and abuse are yet to

Dear women,

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All I want to say is, we do not need any Ram or Ravana on earth to
rescue us as they’ll not gonna help in real as we got to deal with our
problems ourselves. Let’s stand up for each other it’s not just
Navratri, let’s celebrate feminism be a “Durga” or “Kali” or “chandi”
and protect yourself. “The real Power resides in you”.

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  1. I liked d way u approached gender biasness keeping an epic tale as d central story nd a story which is well read nd highly considered in our religion.

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