The ‘BAD’ Krishna

August 25, 2016 InsaneEye 2

The ‘BAD’ Krishna Krishna was a thief, He used to steal Maakhan. And what we have learnt  ‘Chori Karna Buri Baat Hoti hai!’ So Krishna […]

‘खिलाड़ी’ को ‘खिलाड़ी’ ही रहने दो , ‘जेंडर’ का तुम नाम न दो ! ‘

August 20, 2016 InsaneEye 2

‘खिलाडी को ‘खिलाड़ी’ ही रहने दो , ‘जेंडर’ का तुम नाम न दो ! ‘ बधाइयाँ सारे ‘सिंधु’ वासियों को ,उनकी  बेटी ने ओलिंपिक में मैडल […]

Am I safe Here or There?

July 29, 2016 InsaneEye 0

#Jamaica Trip Experiences   I went to Jamaica  as Mrs India United Nationst in Mrs United Nations International Pageant t 2016. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Husband said, never travel […]

MrsIndiaUnitedNations as Mom

June 24, 2016 InsaneEye 0

Who says Queens do not spend time with Family. Mrs India UnitedNations Dr.PreetiPanwarSolanki Loves to have fun time with her son. #BeingMom      

Queen to Conquer

June 19, 2016 InsaneEye 0

Plan A: Rule the World, Plan B: Rule the Hearts…. Whatever the plan…, The’CERTAIN’ is to ‘RULE’ ! The Queen will Conquer! #MrsIndiaUnitedNations2016 Dr. PreetiPanwarSolanki Kingston,Jamaica; […]