Office Humor Gifs : Wise Don’t Advise

office humor by preeti panwar solanki,, mrs united nations

Office Humor Gifs : Wise Don’t Advise

Office Humor Gifs

Sense of humor, sense of seriousness

One must have a sense of humor and a sense of seriousness to distinguish what is supposed to be taken literally or not. An even more keen sense is needed when humor is used to make a serious point..Psychologists have studied how humor is intended to be taken as having seriousness, as when court jesters used humor to convey serious information. Conversely, when humor is not intended to be taken seriously, bad taste in humor may cross a line after which it is taken seriously, though not intended.

1.When I give advise to boss :Wise Don’t Advise

Me : I believe we should be paying tax on this transfer.
Boss No this is not a taxable transaction
Me : No, actually this is not that straight forward. There are inter state transfers and hence we should pay tax & take credit
Boss All the companies do this. They dont pay tax.
Me : Actually some of them pay. I had taken an opinion from tax consultants
Boss Is it? Hmmm.

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Me Yes. Its a big risk
Boss Ok. Why dont you get started then? I want you to make us compliant asap. Work with all locations to put a process around it.

Me :

Sprint planning in a room full of developers

 okay boss  



2.When I send requirements to another team

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3.When the rest of the team is on vacation

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4. Working In Team

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5. When boss gives a lengthy description and I pretend to be attentive.

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6.When a client says the target group for their product is “everyone”

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7.When my boss goes on vacation

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8.When a co-worker goes on vacation and hands off their work to me

When a coworker goes on vacation and hands off their work to me

9.When someone suggests something terrible that could actually work

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10.When I leave the office after my leave is approved !

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