Model Breastfeeding Baby On Kerala Magazine Cover : What Do Women Say?

Model Breastfeeding Baby On Kerala Magazine Cover 

Model Breastfeeding Baby On Kerala Magazine Cover

What Do Women Say?

Model Breastfeeding Baby On Kerala Magazine Cover : What Do Women Say?

Earlier this month, Malayalam magazine ‘Grihalakshmi’ took a bold stand by featuring a model Gilu Joseph

breastfeeding a baby on its cover. The cover sparked a nationwide debate, and led to reactions filled with joy, surprise, disgust and anger.

The cover was trolled, the model was shamed, memes were made comparing it with the act of men peeing in public. Needless to say, the cover made hundreds pretty uncomfortable.

InsaneEye has taken views from some enlighten women from different domains  about their  SAY on the Grihalakshmi cover or breastfeeding in public?

Preeti Sharma Mehta

Senior Project Manager-Digital transformation(NHS)


Model Breastfeeding Baby
Preeti’s view on Model Breastfeeding Baby On Kerala Magazine

In response to the breastfeeding model’s picture on the cover of a Malayalam magazine Grihalakshmi, there has been a lot of uproar and debate. Some compared it with men peeing in public that is ridiculous, to say the least. I, however, would raise a separate question on the same. What I wish to understand is the purpose of the picture in first place.

Is the cover trying to create awareness about the benefits of breastfeeding or encouraging breastfeeding in public? If so, I don’t think it is disputed in our country. India or Indians, in general, are not known to attach stigma about breastfeeding in public. In fact, our culture promotes breastfeeding. In villages and cities alike I have seen women breastfeeding their babies whenever and wherever babies need their food. I have seen many women who don’t even cover while breastfeeding as it’s considered a completely natural thing to do in our country.

Stigma around breastfeeding in general and breastfeeding in public is a western issue. Hence I don’t understand why an Indian magazine would have such awareness campaign in first place. This could be because in general we Indians are so ready to adopt everything Western be it festivals like Easter, Halloween, their style of the music festival, western style of socialising, clothing and list is endless. Another day I spotted a young woman in knee-length boots in Mumbai on a hot summer day! Looks like we have started adopting specific western issues as well.

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Is this picture portraying beauty in breastfeeding because it is such a sacred and natural thing to do? If so my particular issue with that photo is that the baby is not actress’s child and she is not even lactating. This borders on child abuse, as the baby doesn’t understand he or she is participating in a photo shoot. Ok, his/ her parents must have agreed for this shoot and maybe it didn’t drag on for hours to confuse the baby so maybe that’s a minor issue but knowing it’s nota natural act, I don’t see beauty here.

Art is meant to create conversation and this picture may well have achieved this objective as it makes us think why we are so eager to borrow everything western, be it festivals or problems or create one where there is none.

The picture is not as bad an attempt to so-called women empowerment as the short film called my choice (remember?) if that’s what it’s trying to achieve. That’s the only good thing I can say about it. On the breastfeeding issue, it’s preaching to the choir!

Disclaimer: I am talking about the cultural festival and not religious ones like Christmas that many Christians in our country celebrate. I don’t mind if someone wants to adopt good things from anywhere. If Indians living abroad participate in local festivities, that’s good too. Why adopt their issues as well and impose it on our unsuspecting youngsters who get to see actual breastfeeding mothers.

Jyoti Ranawat

Social and Fashion Blogger at

breastfeeding model in public in grehlaxmi magzine, insaneeye, preeti panwar solanki, mrs united nations

According to Wikipedia, when you define
Breasts/Mammary gland is an exocrine gland in mammals that produces milk to feed young offspring.
Mammals get their name from the Latin word mamma, “breast”.
Lactorrhea, the occasional production of milk by the glands, can occur in any mammal, but in most mammals lactation, the production of enough milk for nursing, occurs only in phenotypic females who have gestated in recent months or years.

Dear You,
Did you read that definition above, Its only “Female” who can breastfeed her offspring.
It is Breastfeeding that has made you a “MAN”!!

Jyoti’s view on Model Breastfeeding Baby On Kerala Magazine

Breastfeeding is the most natural and sacrosanct part of motherhood and is, undeniably, indispensable for the physical, mental and emotional development of a child.
Understand the beauty of breastfeeding by its importance and not by its cup size.
Feeding her child is the major purpose of Breasts “sexual pleasure” comes later.

It’s the most beautiful sight, as she is nurturing the future of this world. She is not required to be body shamed for this, if she wouldn’t have fed you “You would have acquired any severe ailment or would have been dead”.

Covered or open, leave that decision up to her. Make her feel comfortable wherever however she feed instead of making decency remarks.
Sheuli Mukherjee
Data Scientist-Ivy Software development services pvt ltd.
Mrs India-I am Asia-2nd RunnerUp
Model Breastfeeding Baby On Kerala Magazine Cover 
Breast feeding is a very organic process. Ridiculing the job that that particular body part is supposed to do is akin to misogyny manifested what with jokes to pornography to violence to the self-contempt women may be taught to feel toward their own bodies. I got to know that in the era pre 1950’s women used to breastfeed in public and it was a common thing those days. Post formula feed invention and other supplements, only 3 in 10 were breastfeeding and as the numbers were comparatively low and not seen much in public they were subject to ridicule if seen feeding in public. Humans always adapt to circumstances and are privy to what they are continuously practice. This goes with superstitions, rules or practices that someone might had implemented for their personal reason at that point of time and practice continuing for decades later. Likewise the stopping of public breast feeding and now if someone feeds in public is looking down upon coz of stopping of the practice which is very organic.
Sushmita Das
Manager at Leading Global Bank
breastfeeding model in public in grehlaxmi magzine, insaneeye, preeti panwar solanki, mrs united nations
As natural is the beauty of the birds singing every morning, the moonliting our windows, the sun shining bright on us, is the Mother feeding her child. Why we have to shame a natural phenomena by abusing it and treat it as a crime in public. Child’s need doesn’t see if the mother is in public space or not. Let’s not make it a taboo like we have been doing it for menstruation. I feel it was the boldest thing to depict in this women’s era and we need to see the beauty behind it. Everything is not just attached to physicality of it and that’s what Grihalakshmi has showcased.

Model Breastfeeding Baby



Jayshree Chaudhary
Executive Assistant
Adarsh Engitech Projects Pvt Ltd
breastfeeding model in public in grehlaxmi magzine, insaneeye, preeti panwar solanki, mrs united nations
Strongly believe that we live in male dominant society. No doubt we demand women empowerment in society still we live in that society where most of men’s eyes closely watch to women as a consumable product. Because we are women, people will force their thinking on us and I strongly believe we have our own boundaries.

When we think in broad prospect, breastfeeding is divine gift to women. Publishing on cover page in magazine is only a fem brought by money, it will damage women’s respect and no doubt it will create feeling discomfort to Unmarried Female. I think no Indian women breast feed her baby naked like this on cover page. It is a “Private Part” and it should be kept covered to maintain the dignity of women.

Breastfeeding is necessary for infants but have to maintain dignity in public place to avoid unnecessary arguments by men. It is indigestible for me to saw breastfeeding like picture on magazine’s cover page for publicity. I recommend Breast Feeding not Breast Showing…


Dr. Preeti Panwar Solanki

Mrs- United Nations Personality,Blogger,Trainer,SocialWorker

breastfeeding model in public in grehlaxmi magzine, insaneeye, preeti panwar solanki, mrs united nations

A big Yes.

A mother can feed whenever her child in need.

I have breastfeeded probably at all the places (from train,car to restaurants or shopping malls) and I never felt any discomfort .

 Ironically , it is more acceptable in small villages and rural India than urban cities. Like Westernization of everything else, Metro India is catching up on this too and they frown on women breastfeeding in public.

But why, may be this is something beyond my reasoning capabilities to comprehend.

I get upset when a mom avoids going out due to this or I see people using breast pump  or bottle feeding their kids only because they cannot breastfeed in public.

Also people who give good advice to feed in restrooms, give it only if  you ate something yourself in a restroom or toilet.

Image result for india breastfeeding postal stamp

The postal stamp featuring a breastfeeding woman was released in the year 1984 to promote breastfeeding by postal department and that was very much accepted by so called orthodox old India, Yet in 2018, many are offended by a magazine cover promoting an extremely natural thing breast feeding.Is this not ridiculous ?

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Model Breastfeeding Baby on postal stamp


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