#MeTooList : Here is the ‘Me Too List’ of All Accused And It Continues To Grow !


#MeTooList : Here is the ‘Me Too List’ of All Accused And It Continues To Grow !

Me Too List : Here is the list of All Accused And It Continues To Grow !

The #MeToo movement in India gained steam after Tanushree Dutta  accused Nana Patekar of harassing her on the sets of a film back in 2008. Her interview gave courage to many others to speak out loud and since then, women from all walks of life have been vocal about the episodes that have happened with them.

Me Too List

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Me Too List

Many from the film and music industry have been called out by actresses, journalists, fans and others.

Here is list of ‘Me Too List’ Accused ,Allegations on them.

Accused Allegations Accused by Status
MJ Akbar | Veteran journalist, Union minister Accused of sexual harassment, engaging in predatory behaviour, abusing position of power. Multiple women Akbar files defamation case, denies all allegations; 17 women journalists ask court to hear their testimony about the ‘culture of casual misogyny, entitlement and sexual predation that he engendered and presided over” at the Asian Age newspaper
Alok Nath | Actor Accused of rape, sexual harassment, inappropriate behavior. Multiple women Nath dismisses allegations; possible CINTAA expulsion on cards; files defamation case against Vinta Nanda
Babu Haabi | Singer-rapper Accused of rape and harassment. Anonymous Haabi denies allegation
Gursimran Khamba | Comedian Accused of forcefully kissing a woman, harassment and emotional abuse. Anonymous Khamba admits to toxic behaviour, denies harassment; suspended temporarily from comedy collective AIB. Hotstarcancels AIB show.
Utsav Chakraborty | Writer-actor Accused of sending unsolicited dick pics to unknown women; asking for nudes. Multiple women (named, anonymous) All his videos were delisted by AIB; Chakraborty issues an apology
Kanan Gill | Comedian Accused of inappropriately touching a group of women while inebriated. Anonymous Kanan issues apology; woman says she accepts apology, doesn’t intend to pursue the matter further
Chetan Bhagat | Writer Accused of sending inappropriate messages. Multiple women (named, anonymous) Bhagat apologises for ‘flirtatious exchange’; denies other allegations
Vairamuthu | Lyricist Accused of making physical advances and asking for sexual favours in exchange for professional opportunity. Chinmayi Sripaada Vairamuthu denies the allegation
Kailash Kher | Musician Accused of inappropriately touching women. Multiple, anonymous via @TheRestlessQuil and others Kher denies knowledge of actions he’s been accused of
Rajat Kapoor | Actor Accused of making inappropriate advances and harassment. Multiple women Kapoor issued an apology on Twitter.
Jeeveshu Ahluwalia | Comedian Accused of asking an interviewer inappropriate questions. Anonymous Ahluwalia apoligises; dropped by management company
Vikas Bahl | Filmmaker Accused of attempting to physically force himself on a woman; verbal harassment at work; inappropriate conduct Multiple women (named, anonymous) Super 30 actor Hrithik Roshan distances himself from director; Phantom Films dissolved
Zulfi Syed | Model-actor Accused of making forcible sexual advances. Natasha Hemrajani Syed apologises to Hemrajani
Abhijeet Bhattacharya | Singer Accused of intimidation and sexual harassment. Anonymous Bhattacharya denies the allegations.
Raghu Dixit | Musician Accused of sexual harassment and making unwanted advances. Multiple, anonymous Dixit has acknowledged one survivor’s allegations and apologised
Sajid Khan | Filmmaker Accused of sexual harassment, flashing women. Multiple women Khan denies allegations, steps down as director of Housefull 4
Piyush Mishra | Writer-actor Accused of unwelcome advances. Ketki Joshi, anonymous Mishra apologises for causing hurt, adds he doesn’t remember details
Varun Grover | Writer Accused of harassment. Anonymous Grover replies to allegation with pointed rebuttal, calls the claims ‘completely fabricated and defamatory’, says he is open to an investigation
Aditi Mittal | Comedienne Accused of kissing without consent on stage. Kaneez Surka Mittal issues unconditional apology to Surka, says no intent to cause hurt
Zain Durrani | Actor Accused of physical violence and mental torture. Saloni Chopra Durrani has issued no comment at this time
Vibhu Sharma | Event manager Accused of sexual assault. Anonymous Sharma has issued no comment at this time; Impresario, the firm he’s employed by, sets up inquiry committee
Sachin Garg | Writer Accused of sexual harassment. Anonymous Garg issues statement that says he believed the encounter was consensual; apologises for having caused hurt
Kiran Nagarkar | Writer Accused of making inappropriate physical advances and asking women to video chat with him. Multiple women (named, anonymous via @TheRestlessQuil) No statement from Nagarkar at this moment (except via unverified Twitter account, denying all charges)
Pablo Bartholomew | Photographer Accused of making persistent calls to a female interviewer despite her disinterest; allegedly casting doubt on her ability to profile his work after she refused to go out with him. Anonymous Bartholomew says with no timeline, details or context provided by anonymous accuser, he is unable to respond to the charge. Reaffirms his commitment to gender equality.
KR Sreenivas | Journalist Accused of making sexually laden gestures and sending inappropriate messages to women. Multiple women Under investigation by The Times of India, says he’s complying; sent on ‘administrative leave’
Gautam Adhikari | Retd journalist Accused of forcibly kissing and making unwanted physical advances. Multiple women Adhikari denies allegation; resigns as senior fellow at Center for American Progress, Washington DC
Meghnad Bose | Journalist Accused of objectifying and making lewd comments about women, inappropriately touching and harassing them. Multiple women (named, anonymous) Bose issues apology
Rameez Shaikh | Journalist Accused of coercing for sex; harassment and demand for nudes over a period of two years. Multiple women (named, anonymous) Shaikh issues apology; denies sexual assault. Homegrownremoves his content from the website
Manoj Ramachandran | Journalist Accused of sending an inappropriate text message. Sandhya Menon No statement from Ramachandran at this moment
Prashant Jha | Journalist Accused of sending inappropriate, unwelcome messages. Avantika Mehta Jha steps down as the chief of bureau and political editor of Hindustan Times
Sidharth Bhatia | Journalist Accused of harassment and making inappropriate comments. Multiple women Bhatia refutes all allegations in rejoinder.
Mayank Jain | Journalist Accused of unwelcome sexual advances, sexual harassment Multiple women Jain resigns from his role as principal correspondent with Business Standard
Aayush Soni | Journalist Accused of unwelcome sexual advances Anonymous Soni admits to wrongdoing in the past, says he has apologised for such behaviour
Satadru Ojha | Journalist Accused of sexual harassment. Multiple (named, anonymous) Ojha relieved of current duties; TOI says all allegations are being investigated
Suhel Seth | Marketing expert, writer Accused of sexual harassment. Multiple women No comment from Seth
Sham Kaushal | Stunt director Accused of showing female colleague a porn clip. Nameeta Prakash Kaushal apologises for causing hurt inadvertently
Ashish Patil | VP — Brand Partnerships, talent management Accused of sexual harassment. Anonymous YRF terminates Patil’s services
Anirban Blah | Talent manager Accused of sexual harassment. Multiple women Blah steps down from Kwan, talent management agency he founded
Vinod Dua | Journalist Accused of sexual harassment. Nishtha Jain No comment from Dua; The Wire, which he is currently associated with, says their IC will look into the allegation
Jatin Das | Artist Accused of sexual harassment. Nisha Bora Das says accusation is ‘ridiculous, vulgar’, doesn’t recall meeting Ms Bora
CP Surendran | Editor, poet Accused of sexual harassment at the workplace, at lit fests. Multiple women Surendran issues statement claiming, ‘This is the lynch mob of the drawing room at work. I am being shamed in a Scarlet Letter-meets-The Crucible social media-produced movie’

Me Too List

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