Love At ICU -Part2

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Yes I too have a story, my own story, first part was written in Nov 17,2015. But second part was kept as a draft, now time to shapeup  the story with BlogAdda.
Part 1
Love At ICU
Note: All characters appearing in this work are not fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons is purely intentional.

The Memory Lane Of SHE-THE PATIENT , November 2010

Characters :

She :  The patient  of brain and spinal disorder(Arnold Chari Malformation,Syringomyelia ,hydromylia……etc…)
 (okay in simple way call it  uska ‘dimaag kum hai or screw dhile hai dimaag ke, She had brain disease )
He The Doctor : A well-known   Neurosurgeon at a renowned  HOSPITAL
He The Husband:  who loves her ill wife and understand everything before she speaks and let her playevery  game, game of love too!
 21 Nov 2010
She was waiting to meet the doctor who is going to play..literally.. ‘play with her brain’

It’s hilarious!  Men are meant to play with heart and ego, breaking it into tiny pieces is their game, but brain…an unusual experience!

.…waiting for the doctor as if… waiting for that ‘true love happens only once’ nonsenseto kick in. 

And the doctor coming to her…
The Short, Fair and Handsome man (exactly  opposite with Tall, Dark, Handsome TDH of Mills &Boons which she read in her teen.. perhaps when you put up with brainy mess, the ‘teen’ feel may seize you…remember Sadma ..shridevi))
Insanity is her way…..(yes, the brain abnormality may be the reason)
She made her imaginary love nest. ..Built on hopes…hopes to survive from life threatening disease  and if not then hoping for pleasing pain! ( yes , the Pain is painful up to an extent.. then….neutral.. after that… it’s  a pleasure….pain..the pleasure!)
But why does she need a love nest?
because  Her mind is much clear like the day but Her heart  is much deep like the night… She finds herself  at the dusk of desiresdesire to live every leftover moment to the fullest… even’s horrible place which  breaths the death, the Neuro ward of hospital!
She spoke to her distorted mind:  “What if I’ll  die..After all It’s a brain surgery..its really the brain…though I survived twice in life when it was sure enough to say goodbye to the world..But the world perhaps wanted to be my sufferer. (It’s scary how all of us want to run away but have no place to go but when God  wants to give you the place, you scare to and its adventures)”
I’ll live, Yes  I have seen millions of videos about  doctors playing or operating the brain and  they made only few dead!
YouTube made me so apt to do it myself in few days without having any 20 years hard earned ‘hairs turned white’ NeuroMedico degree… Once I tried to repair my laptop  watching youtube video, and it was almost done, but just it cant breath again..A little mistake!
this time……Its my own brain, not the laptop, Mistake is not affordable.”
Don’t seek ruin and ask for strength’ her mind advised!
Let THE BRAIN be in qualified hands, but will it surely be risk free? What if the doctor will forget his scissor in the brain. Yes, its India, anything can happen!
A thought of not waking up to the world… again.. rushed into her head. But she was not destined to be unhappy. She loves being happy for no reason and want to die feeling loved.

But then, its hospital, the only Hero of her brainy story could be this SFH doctor!  

He came to her and asked: Are you Preeti, the patient?

She: Yes Doctor
Unspoken words:(wait..soon you gonna be  patient of my love! :)))
With this thought  she smiled with womanlycruelty ;
 He the Husband winked and said go ahead, darling!
(As always, husband listened the unsaid-Her plans to make the doctor fall for her)

pic:She and the husband
No, not the ‘innocent’ , IT WAS   ‘Intentional love’ at first sight with a doctor!  And here it begins……

love At ICU
Continue…Part 2……
At Operation theatre
He The Doctor: I will cut your brain, will operate it, No need to worry, we are expert, You will be alright!
image source:
She: You have already taken my heart, every piece of heart is already yours. After giving my Brain to you, Its all yours, I am empty!
He blushed ,smiled : Lady, you are flirting with a doctor at highly complex brain surgery table.
 She: No, I only know to love wherever I am and whichever state!
He the doctor after 6 hours: Darling, wake up! your operation is successful, you gonna live more and kill more men like me !
She: mmm, thats a good idea, let me finish with you once!
He:No,  Not now, let me  shift you to ICU.
In ICU: She was in immense pain. The effect of anesthesia was fading away and the pain was intolerant  upto an extent that she desired  to have 100 death than this one pain.
Night has never been so long, every minute was like 10 decades to pass.
pain and just pain!
He came: How are you sweetheart?
She: Lets die together doctor. I wanna die, thats better choice than this pain.Hold my hand,we should leave this cruel world.
He: I will hold your hand to live, live more and more…just feel my all love , and you will forget the pain.
He kept holding her hands all night, looking into her painful eyes, yes there was silence and noise of momentary  and unsaid love.
Not everyone knows the language of love. They rely too much on words.
the power of love won over the power of pain!
Now she wanted every minute to have 10 decades, so she can have his togetherness for long , too long.
It was a morning, a beautiful morning.
They were happy, she and her husband!
The idea behind her love is that she didn’t know how much time of life she was left with, so rather having self pity why not to fetch  and steal love till last moment.
Shine as bright as possible. Remember, the sun doesn’t care if it blinds you.

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