Funny Questions On Quora and Wittiest Answers

Funny Questions On Quora and Wittiest Answers
Funny Questions On Quora and Wittiest Answers


Funny Questions On Quora and Wittiest Answers

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Funny Questions On Quora

Quora The most popular page for question and answers, but you would laugh aloud what funny questions people ask there!

Funny Questions On Quora
Funny Questions On Quora ,IMAGE SOURCE

What’s the fastest way to make a situation awkward?

Don’t talk.

When you’re in an elevator with another person, it feels awkward.

You both know you should say “hi,” but you don’t.

We feel awkward eating lunch in silence at the same table as other people.

We even feel awkward standing next to somebody on a street corner waiting for the walk sign to turn green.

If you stand next to somebody for longer than five seconds, then you’ll begin to feel awkward if you don’t start a conversation.

It’s a matter of being human. We’re designed to interact with other people in confined spaces.

That’s why it’s hard to work close to your friends without getting distracted.

At least we can stand close to animals without feeling awkward.

Funny Questions On Quora

Which superpower is better: the ability to grow your fingernails extremely fast or the ability to transform into a reclining chair? Why?

Funny Questions On Quora

Reclining chair! As Horace Slughorn demonstrated, the ability to transform oneself into a recliner at any point can provide a potent defense against the dark arts!

As for super fast talon like fingernails, unless they’re made of adamantium and I suddenly develop super-human speed or agility, I’ll just look like this and have a lot of trimming in my future:


Which superpower is better: the ability to talk to ducks or to have the best parking space wherever you went? Why?

I can talk to ducks. I just tried.

Now – a superpower to have them understand me, and understand them back – that would be kind of cool.

But, to have the best parking space wherever I went, that would be better than simply the ability to say ‘quack.’

If you know one of your good friends is cheating on his girlfriend with a girl that you wanted to get with, what should you do in order to have more time for playing World of Warcraft?


IMAGE SOURCE  Funny Questions On Quora


There is a pretty complicated set of steps to follow here, but if you do this right then you’ll be sure to succeed.

For the sake of my explanation, let’s call..


  1. Spend a good week telling B how great A is.  Really go all out on this.  Everything hinges on it.
  2. After sufficient time has passed and B is even more into A than usual, tell her that A is cheating on her with C, but not to worry because you have a plan.
  3. Your plan is as follows.  You convince B that the only way for her to keep A is by cheating on him too, because guys want what other people want, and also, what their friends have.  Tell her that even though it will pain you to do this to A, you are okay with her sleeping with you in order to help her keep A.
  4. AT THE SAME TIME – Tell A that B has come on to you, but because you’re his friend, and friends keep friends before girls, you had to tell him. Also tell him how much you think B likes him, and how she is probably doing this because she mistakenly thinks that he will want her more if she does this.
  5. AT THE SAME TIME – Tell C that you think you and her are soulmates, and that you wrote her a poem.  The poem should be about how pretty you think your children will be.
  6. RESOLVE STEPS 3-5.  As a result of what you’ve done, B will think you’re a retard and slap you, A will think you’re trying to mess with him in order to get C, and stop being friends with you, because, this is not the shit that friends do, and C will think you’re a retard, because, SERIOUSLY, who tells a girl that she is their soulmate and expects to have any hooking up happen.
  7. Play WoW triumphantly.

tl;dr – Play WoW.


If Ke$ha comes to the UK, will she be called Ke£ha?

Perhaps she will be called Ke£0.64ha ?

How do you handle having 10 real boyfriends?

I don’t think this issue is so different from a company that is maintaining 10 clients. So assuming you’ve already amassed a 10-boyfriend roster, you could maintain such relationship thusly:

Define your core values and products – values should be broad themes that defines your brand image as a girlfriend. “Jennifer Chen, Rambunctuous Girl” is an example of one such core value – it says “hi i’m committed toward providing rambunctuousness.” Similarly, your products list should include the set of core activities that boyfriends can expect to do when they’re hanging out with you – for example – sample all michelin starred restaurants in a region.

Formulate/Solidify your narrative – all the details that will make you unique and identifiable must be tailored into a narrative so that it is specific enough to promote bonding, but not so specific that you become bogged down with nailing down specific details. This narrative should include both ideological and logistic details so that both you and your boyfriend(s) are always on the same page in terms of the basic protocols and deliverable schedules. For example, establishing that if you spend the night on a saturday, you probably won’t call to follow up to see if he wants to hang on sunday afternoon because that’s your “me-time.”

Verticalize – not just a kama sutra buzzword! There may exist a niche segment of guys which allows you to optimize your dating resources. I personally recommend verticalizing across a specific first name – a roster of boyfriends named Brian, for example, means you will never call out the wrong name at inopportune times.

Practice your delivery – the delivery of your narrative practiced so that there’s no question re: your core values and products. This is so that you don’t have to customize the details of the story content to each bf, and become bogged down with “what did i tell BF1 vs BF2.” Memorizing the pitch will also free you efforts so that they can be directed in real-time on the style of delivery, which is probably non-verbal and has high degree of customization impact. (see Customization)

Identify your value to each boyfriend – recognize that each boyfriend is a unique snowflake, with unique sensitivities and therefore has a specific set of reasons why they are in a relationship with you. Leverage this knowledge to periodically re-emphasize verbally, as well as reiterate through action to reassure that the guy is making the right choice by being your boyfriend.

Tailor and offer a customized interactive experience –  each time you’re with a specific boyfriend, you’re delivering a unique experience, make sure that each boyfriend receives an experience that’s uniquely theirs.

Listen to your boyfriends – this will conserve your energy, and prevent you from getting your stories mixed up. Also will help you further tailor your boyfriends’ individual experience with you.

Roll out innovation periodically and thoughtfully – special, um, recipe or musical talent? roll out specific moves among a subset of your bf’s on special occasions, then if the reception is positive, expand the scope of the new product to extent to the others. eventually, it’ll be part of an expanded core product roster.

Apply the 80:20 principle – 20 percent of your beaus will probably generate 80 percent of enjoyment, while the other 80 will only garner you 20 percent of enjoyment, simultaneously demanding 80 percent of your effort. Trim and edit your boyfriend roster accordingly. Discard if they’re consuming too much logistic resources.

Plan ahead and outsource properly – delegate logistics and planning to high school kids looking for a summer job, they’re cheap and easily bribed (although, ensure that their loyalty is secure by giving them perks that gives them elite status among their peers); outsource lovenote writing to your offshore support teams. enlist your mom to do all the cooking and cleaning.

Probably not a good idea to leverage social media for this one…


Are corrupt people more or less likely to eat chicken salad?


Funny Questions On Quora

I am a Chicken and I find this OFFENSIVE.


If someone you had been seeing for six months invited you over for dinner would you prefer good sex and a bad dinner or bad sex and a good dinner?

Funny Questions On Quora

  1. If I’m not assured of both great sex and a great dinner, I’d prefer to stay home and watch TV, thanksI’ve been lucky enough to have had at least a little of each – fantastic dinners, fantastic sex.So, if I have the option to choose ahead of time and be assured that I’ll get what I choose, I want both. If thats not an option and I have to choose, I’ll flip a coin and take what I can get, because they’re each just great.
  2. What’s wrong with gross cold beans on toast? I love them, especially after “cascading orgasms.” Who cares about food before or after that potential scenario?  Great Sex v. Great Food?  No contest, amazing sex.  We can order pizza after we do it again!

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