Dating Marwari Boy!(Picture Story)

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Dating Marwari Boy!

Do you know Marwari Boy ‘style’ of Dating with his girlfriend?

Note: Presenting a short picture story, Its just a humor write up, not intended to hurt any community.

This is How a Marwari Boy  dates with his Girl friend


Scene 1. When He arrives to meet Her

click the link to see the video.


Scene 2: After all the romance over, while going back

He submits the bills for Helicopter ‘Diesel’ to HER.


Dating Marwari

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Scene 3: She REQUESTS and SAYS that she didn’t tell to come by HELICOPTER


Scene 4: She CRIES and BEGS but He explains ‘something?’ what HE ‘only’ can understand in entire world!


Scene 5:

He TAKES the money for HELICOPTER Reimbursement and GOES away


Scene 6: SHE continues ,continues..till eternity…to understand…..did I say to come by Helicopter?


Jungle Book mai ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ Virus

SCENE 7: And HE….to the WORLD……?


Dating Marwari

PS Beware to fall in love if he is a Marwari Boy!


Note: Its just a humor write up, not intended to hurt any community

Marwaris known to be kanjus Marwaris,

Said Reason:

Marwar” is a part of Rajasthan (So not all Rajasthanis are marwaris) which is semi arid, and usually people from this region migrate a lot as the situation is difficult, and surviving every summer is a challenge.

Life is difficult in marwar, therefore marwaris migrate, I know people who fought with their parents refusing to migrate since their parents didn’t have enough money to buy cloth for a full pant. (hence they migrated with nothing but half pant and few rupees)

So then they work hard, most of them for close to 80 hours a week, one of my friends (who is third generation migrant) has taken less than 30 days of leaves in last 8 years. (10 for marriage, 5 sick leaves, 7 for marriage of someone in family, and some more)

And when you work so hard for money, you wouldn’t want to blow it off.
Also, Marwaris like the status that rich folks enjoy in the community, they like to show off their wealth by donating to temple, save animals and so on.

Short Puns : When you tell your dad to send picture of society notice.

Patanjali vs Colgate: Bhaisaab, Patanjali Ki “Levi’s” Milegi Kya?





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