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Dr. Preeti Panwar Solanki


Dr.Preeti Panwar Solanki, Personality United Nations, MrsIndiaUnitedNations, Mrs India Queen of Substance 2016  is a popular motivational speaker and has spoken at more than 100 organizations in  various cities.

She speaks at corporates, educational institutes, government bodies and volunteer agencies.

Her stellar education and diverse professional background makes her the ideal person to share her thoughts and experiences on topics such as leadership, passion, values, team building, motivation, achieving goals etc.

She having immense love for kids, takes experiential science workshops for school kids all over India.

She has proved herself as a complete dynamic woman and invited by various women organization to inspire and encourage The Woman of India.

All of her sessions are customized for the particular audience she is addressing. To know more about her and invite her mail at:



Some Standards Training Programs


For Corporate


Sl.No Some Key Program Details
1. Employees Development Program
2. Supervisory Development Program
3. Management Development Program
4. Inter Personnel Relationship
5. Effective Communication
6. Inter Personal Communication
7. Business Communication
8. Performance Management
9. Competency mapping.
10. Coaching and Mentoring
11. Conflict Resolution
12. Paradigm Shift and Change Management
13. Attitudinal Transformation
14. Time management
15. Transformational Leadership
16. Selling Skills
17. Managing Stress
18. Personal Effectiveness
19. Executive Development program
20. Advanced Management Program
21. Managing Creativity and Innovation
22. Emotional Intelligence
23. Performance Appraisal and counselling
24. Workshop on Commercial Management
25. Workshop on Finance Management
26. Workshop on Materials Management/Procurement Training
27. Understanding Finance for Non-Finance People
28. Management of Safety & Environment
29. Faculty Development program
30. Disaster management
31. Business development perspective
32. Customer Orientation Behavior
33. Customer Relationship Management
34. Team Building.
35. Communications.
36. Leadership.
37. Appraisal of capabilities.
38. Communicating Career paths.
39. Crisis Management.
40. Stress relieving Techniques.


For Students


41. Competency assessment
42. Career Guidance
43. Career Counselling
44. Psychometric, Psychological Testing and Personality Analysis
45. Personal Branding for  Careers Success
46. SWOT Analysis of your Career
47. Group Discussion
48. How to Attend Interview
49. Hand On Science Workshops

For Individuals


50. Personal Counselling, Relationship Counselling and Family Therapy
51. Teenage Guidance Clinic for teenagers and parents
52. Before Marriage Counselling, guidance
53. Couple / Marriage Counselling.
54. Self-help Workshops on Character Development, Marital/Relationship Harmony, Healthy Parenting
55. Digital Parenting








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