18 amazing things 90’S Kids Won’t Forget !

0's kid won't forget these things
90's kid wont forget his

18 amazing things 90’S Kids Won’t Forget !

18 amazing things 90’S Kids Won’t Forget !

90’s Kid is the term for a grown man who was born in the late 80’s or early-mid 90’s who thinks that anything new for kids’ programming is not high in quality because they didn’t grow up with it or because since they’re adults then they have higher standards.

kid – a child or young person 

so by definition 90 s kid is said to be a child or young person during 1990 to 2000,

and in other definition ,A kid during electronic age or the Information Age (also known as the Computer Age, Digital Age, or New Media Age)

The world’s technological capacity grew from in 1986.

so ,those who are kid in 1986 and after, upto 2000 is said to be 90s kid.

above definition are theoretical,practically,

who are they?

“They are the people who seen and enjoyed all transformation of things around us, starting from electronics to small edibles”


you remember this iconic ad aired on Doordarshan

2. Paisa Coin

I can’t even remember how long back it was when I last used a 10 and 20 paisa coin.. retweet if you remember these coins..


When the rain set free the ink of my letters..


When music folders were arranged on shelves instead of laptops..


Remember where history ended and Civics began..


How many of you can relate with this nostalgic Doordarshan tune..


1.44 Mb was Quite a lot storage space back then..


Our crease took just a piece of Chalk or brick, and a wall..

9. This Good Morning!

Gooooooooooddddddd mooooooorrrrrrrrnnnnnnggggg teeeeeeecccccheeeeeeerrrrr.. Teacher – very Gud mrng,sit down.. Thhhhhhhaaaannnnkkkk yooooooouuuuuuuuu teeeeecccccchhheeeeerrrrrr..


My parents had a TV like this, I remember because I was the remote..



For most of Indian’s who can’t pronounce Arnold’s surname including me ,he would always be remembered as “woh terminator wala hero#90skids

 12. Falguni Pathak

13. When the teacher changes your seat

14. The Great Toy

Junoon ~ sayonee..


16. Jagjit Singh and Asha Bhosle

17, Chupke Chupke



18.  Shaan…Bhool Ja…


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